Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers

A few weeks ago, a Social Media Cheat Sheet was doing the round. A nice visualization of the pro’s & cons of each social media channel, but with a business/marketing focus. I thought I should do one for social media use in education. However for most of the teachers I work with, our Moodle (EIT Online) is still their primary online teaching environment. So instead I set out to create this poster size guide for teachers, allowing them to compare the functionality and pedagogical advantages of some standard Moodle tools, adding a column to indicate how tricky the tool is to set up.

Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers (icon)

Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers

Hope you find it useful. Would appreciate your feedback.

Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers (PDF)

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167 thoughts on “Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers

  1. Ricardo says:

    Thanks so much for this job. I am an instructor in business courses in Brazil. The company I work plan to implement Moodle for distance business training. I wonder if in your point of view, there is a possibility that the instructor be passed back? The content of my courses can be saved? copied? Anyway, used by other instructors? Sorry for my poor english.

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  3. Joyce Seitzinger says:

    Dearest Mark, that is a massive compliment coming from you. Thank you so much!

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  5. | virtualmv says:

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  12. Yahoo! Congrats! Bravo Joyce! This post really deserved it, it must have reached and helped so many people and it will continue to do so!

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  14. Sarolta says:

    Dear Joyce, congratulations! This post has really made a difference. Your Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers really helps newcomers to understand how moodle tools affect communication with students, which is essential to course design. A precious post indeed! Wishing you all the best!

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  16. Tetsuo Kimura says:

    I am so glad I can find this wonderful chart. As everyone says, it really helps teachers to understand what to use for their teaching. I will introduce it to participants to my workshops at Moodle Moot Japan in Feb.

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  18. Abby says:

    Thank you for sharing this resource; I love it!

    I work with a school district that is using Edu2.0 as its LMS instead of Moodle. Could I modify this Tool Guide for Edu2.0 to share with our staff? I would include attribution to the original source, and could post it for others to use.

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  20. Joyce Seitzinger says:

    @abby hi abby. it is open source, so as long as you attribute it, go ahead. would love to see result!

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  24. Zee Nagre says:

    Hi Joyce,
    Have only just seen it. Fantastic. Do you mind if we adapt it slightly for our use? If so could I have the original?

  25. Zee Nagre says:

    Just seen this the Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers. It’s fantastic. Do you mind if we adapt it slightly for our own use here? We will of course credit it to you.

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  27. Mary Bennett says:

    For the past year I have been meaning to create this guide for Blackboard users – finally had the time.

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  29. Luis says:

    Dear Joyce,

    Thanks a lot for the great job.

    Our e-learning LAB from have a allready a nice Portuguese (from Portugal) version:

  30. Start Small says:

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  33. Gemma says:

    Thanks for your great compilation, we have included it in our project called IMPLEMENT for developing online courses in Moodle.

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  37. Hi Joyce, do you know if anyone has developed a similar chart for the use of Facebook in education? cheers Sarah

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  43. MuhaiminAbd says:

    Moodle is the best tool to teach… I’m using it but I face some problems in its features… Thanks for the great post…

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