Social media use in a crisis – #eqnz – help us learn

The social media response to the 2010 Canterbury Earthquake has been fascinating. I’d like to know more so I’m appealing for people to help with their experiences of social media, its usefulness, how informative it was (or not) etc, during this event. What can we learn?

If you are willing to help, please fill out the form at Thank you!

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2 thoughts on “Social media use in a crisis – #eqnz – help us learn

  1. Kay Endriss says:

    From a contact in New Zealand:

    You may want to check the following

    Hi all,

    In response to Christchurch’s recent earthquake Jill Hammonds has started a
    wiki @

    This is designed to be a truly interactive collaborative teaching and
    learning opportunity!

    From the wiki creator Jill Hammonds: “Over the next weeks we hope this will
    be a place where schools, students, experts and other interested people from
    around the world will come and share their ideas and experiences around
    earthquakes. This is a collaborative project opportunity, and the
    collaboration extends out to helping me design the inquiry and the wiki
    site. Please click on Edit on any of the pages and contribute your thoughts
    and ideas. ”

    I have already contributed a couple of English specific strategies with
    links to related resources from English Online:

    And Tessa Gray has set up a great social challenge here:

    This is a great opportunity to participate in an exciting and and important
    project. It is entirely open and public which means anyone can edit the site
    – so feel free to add your ideas or use it with your students.

    Be sure to pass this on to any colleagues from other subject areas that may
    also be interested in contributing!



  2. Nigel Horrocks says:

    Gave you a mention on National Radio’s Nine to Noon today!
    regards Nigel

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