Social media use in a crisis – #eqnz – how do you monitor so much information?

With the earthquake in Christchurch yesterday morning, Twitter has become an important source of information, aid, support & humour. And its not just pointless babble (as an aside: the qualification of pointless babble was refuted by the excellent Danah Boyd). Here’s some of  the things people are sharing through their tweets:

  • pictures of damage
  • videos of the quakes and of damage
  • checking in with friends, family & whanau
  • reactions & commiseration on the aftershocks, the loss of electricity, the loss of property, the cold
  • information on safety eg turn off your gas & power mains
  • links to information from the seismic drums at Geonet
  • links to news articles (both New Zealand and around the world)
  • information about road closures and the curfew last night
  • links to public information, eg how to claim for damages with the Earth Quake Commision or which schools are closed on Monday

And the twitterstream is not just being fed by people living in the region, but from across New Zealand and beyond. With all this it can become quite hard to track all this earthquake information or get an overview of it.

So here’s a short demonstration of how I’ve been monitoring the earthquake twitterstream. Hope you find it useful.

Note: most Twitter clients have a version available for smart phones. It’s much easier than tweeting by txting.

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3 thoughts on “Social media use in a crisis – #eqnz – how do you monitor so much information?

  1. Dave Brady says:

    Well put, yes a much better source of information that traditional media that just couldn’t keep up with the speed of things happenning. News websites were good at following but the twitter community were leading. ^DB

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