Digital Curation: What kind of digital curator are you? #converge11

A few weeks ago I was kindly invited by the #ConVerge11 organisers to do a digital curation workshop. First of all let me say that I’m so impressed by how well organised this conference is and how responsive to feedback. Last year they introduced Twitterwalls and this year made some minor tweaks, to further improve the very active conference backchannel. Well done eWorks and particularly the ever smiling Sarah Phillips!

This was a little nervewracking for me, as it was my first time speaking about my new topic of interest, and PhD topic: digital curation for teachers. Over the last few years I’ve presented, workshopped, taught, written and spoken a lot about the Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers, Course Design and PLNs. All of these are familiar territory for me. Speaking on a new topic was both scary and exhilarating. Scary as I don’t have that much “go to” material yet, and went into the workshop more with questions and observations, than answers. Exhilarating because I met others who either are curators or are interested in curation and this led to some very stimulating conversations (thank you @jurgen @tanmac73 and @stickylearning).

I believe that digital curation will be a new activity that academics in higher education will need to adopt. What do you think? Some questions in my mind:

  • What skills will academics need to be effective digital curators?
  • How ready are they to adopt this activity?
  • How ready are the systems in our institutions (learning management systems, hardware, software availability, etc but also institutional career progression and research systems) to support the academics in this?
  • How does this fit into the concept of digital scholarship?

So I’m sharing my presentation here, in the hope to get more discussion partners on this digital curation topic.


cc licensed Flickr photo Jabba by cplbasilisk

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4 thoughts on “Digital Curation: What kind of digital curator are you? #converge11

  1. Stephen Bright says:

    Love the Dilbert cartoon in the Slideshare presentation – for a first crack at the topic it looks pretty good to me, Joyce.

    Most of the tertiary educators I know are several steps back from digital curation – if it is linked to research and publishing in a recognised way then that will give it a lot more ‘clout’ with academic staff, in my view.

  2. Sarah Phillips says:

    Thanks for the kind words Joyce, It was a pleasure to have you back this year and we are looking forward to another great conference in 2012. Hope we see you there. :-)

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