The magic of #pencilchat (a pointed conversation)

pencil ends - slightly cropped Jetlag is wreaking havoc on my sleep patterns. So on the phone to people downunder at 5.30am, I got a tweet from my mate Steve to check out #pencilchat.

And promptly lost the next hour of my life to a highly entertaining conversation that can only happen when you mix experienced education technologists, the risk-averse environment they work in and Twitter. At one point I had tears running down my cheeks. Here are a few gems, but please, do go check the stream for yourself. It’s cathartic. And dare I say, a little pointed… 😉




And one of my own contributions.


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4 thoughts on “The magic of #pencilchat (a pointed conversation)

  1. I had no idea when I started the chat tonight that people would run with it the way they did.

  2. Joyce Seitzinger says:

    It is pure gold. And I think food for a conference paper or two… Nice work! :-)

  3. Celia Coffa says:

    I am loving it – keep trying to think of something to add but people are always quicker then me. So clever !

  4. […] of course people are blogging about the #pencilchat phenomenon already, like: Cat’s Pyjamas, Iowa Transform Ed (lots of good quotes there),  The Contemporary Educator, and 10 […]

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