Personal Learning Networks for Professionals – #aitd2012

Here’s my slide deck for my keynote at #aitd2012




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3 thoughts on “Personal Learning Networks for Professionals – #aitd2012

  1. Trish McCluskey says:

    Great presentation Joyce, thanks for sharing. Followed #Aitd12 from another conference – sounds like it was a challenge!

  2. Joyce Seitzinger says:

    Thanks Trish! I’m still looking to get this slide deck down in size so I can get it on slideshare, but the 112 slides with mainly images is proving to be a challenge….

    The conference was certainly food for thought. There were many people there, including many of keynotes, who understood and talked about social & connected learning. But I think that as this practice stands in diametric opposition to what most (not all) trainers do or arrange each day, it was too hard of a concept to sell. It has certainly sparked my thinking….

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