When Educators Become Curators – keynote slides from #moothr12

Educators need to become digital curators
A few weeks ago I had the privilege of being the virtual keynote speaker at the Croation MoodleMoot. Thanks to Sandra Kucina and Jasmin Klindžić for inviting me, and making everything happen so smoothly.

We agreed that, in line with my PhD topic, I would focus not on Moodle, but on the new digital curation skills being required of all teachers. So it began as an introduction to digital curation and then looked at how educators can curate inside or outside of an LMS. Thanks to those Croatian Moodlers in the Twitter stream for engaging with me afterwards. More feedback is welcome. I look forward to developing my ideas further…

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2 thoughts on “When Educators Become Curators – keynote slides from #moothr12

  1. Jodie Reeder says:

    Thanks for sharing your slideshow. I particularly found the curation process slide helpful. It emphasizes the importance of curating for a purpose to create value both for the individual curator and others. I am working on a digital curator unit in my online English course (using Diigo). Have you done anything like that with students?

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