I dipped my toe in the Digital Humanities #dhdeakin

Facebook Friends NetworkI was very happy to be selected to attend the Dipping A Toe In The Digital Humanities symposium that was held at Deakin yesterday. It was an initiative from the Humanities Networked Infrastructure (HuNI) virtual laboratory project,  led by Prof Deb Verhoeven our Chair, Media and Communication, who you may know as @bestqualitycrab on Twitter.

All the speakers were incredibly knowledgeable and I think all of us were grateful these experts so generously shared their knowledge. The standout was probably Tim Sharrett (@wragge) who  describes himself as “a digital historian and therefore unemployed” :-). He showed us some of the mind-blowing linked data projects he’s worked on and built, like the Invisible Australians. Even better he was able to explain the possibilities of open and linked data in very small words for us beginners.

As is my usual habit with these events, I used Twitter as my notetaking device. However, this time I added Storify as a live curation tool. Throughout the day I had the Storify story open in my browser, and would pull tweets and resources in via its interface, although I also used the Storify bookmarklet. It was my first time live curating. I usually curate after the fact, going back through the Twitterstream and saving items to Delicious mostly for personal use. I found the live curating very effective, although I did notice myself losing track of the presentation 2 or 3 times. This is probably because Storify is still a new platform to me, and I was working out what I could do with it. The other thing that worried me, was that inside the Storify interface, it restricts a search on the Twitter hashtag geographically, within a radius of a 10-100km, which means you probably miss some retweets and reactions. Despite this, I’ll definitely Storify an event again, as I feel I captured more of the day, in a more usable and shareable  format, than I could have in just tweets… You can find the Storify below.

It was an eye-opening experience…


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    “I dipped my toe in the Digital Humanities #dhdeakin

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