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Looking for Interesting Examples of… Blended Learning

In my work as education technologist I’m often asked for examples of blended or online learning. “Just show it to me”. Not an unreasonable request, as it can be challenging for an educator (whether a teacher, librarian, manager or other) who has never had a blended or online learning experience themselves, to conceptualise the options available. Due to several factors, the number of our programmes that use blended learning are likely to increase in the short-to-mid-term. And so I anticipate that the “just show it to me” demands will increase as well.

Casting the net wider
Now, I feel that only showing educators what we are currently doing within our institution, on our Moodle, doesn’t give them a fair idea of the total scala of options. We need to cast the net wider so we don’t get the same meal every day. So I like to show them examples from other institutions as well, often sending people to one site for one course example, and then to another article, blog, journal or YouTube clip for another example. However examples vary: they focus on one course, an entire programme or just a learning activity. Descriptions are highly detailed in a 20 page journal article or a brief 3 paragraph snapshot in a blog post. It can be like comparing apples and oranges.

Blended Learning Possibilities catalogue
So I thought it might be useful to gather different examples of blended learning in one place, to create a ‘possibilities catalogue’ for anyone to flick through. Continue reading
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