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Social Content Curation for Learning Communities – Does your tool work for you? #dnle

I thought I would share the “infographic” I created for the #DNLE MOOC at Stanford’s Venture Lab. It is an unsophisticated effort to plot functions of a curation tool I think would be needed to support social content curation by a learning community. For this exercise I chose 6 functions (though it could have been 45 and Bayeux Tapestry proportions):

  • bookmarklets,
  • image driven,
  • community rights to share,
  • communal tagging,
  • ability to reshare to community or PLN
  • and availability of the collection.

I then did an assessment of a standard LMS as it might be used in higher education, and also curation tools Scoop.It and Pinterest.

The resulting infographic is limited in space, time and research. But it has been fun to do, and has also distilled some thoughts for further “actual” research for my ever present Digital Curation PhD.
Social Content Curation for Learning Communities

Download the PDF here:  Social Content Curation for Learning Communities


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